14″ Decorative Straight Tube 3 Tier Honeycomb Perc.


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This elegant glass ice bong is constructed from durable clear glass and measures an impressive 14 inches in height. The piece comes equipped with three tier honeycomb disc percolators for a super clean hit. Each of the Honeycomb disc percolators filters the smoke that passes through and breaks it up into lots of bubbles. This results in a silky-smooth toke that’s easy on the lungs and full of flavor. Try adding a few ice cubes in the tube for an even cooler hit. It looks great on display in any smoke shop or dispensary. Whether you’re looking to entice customers with a last-minute add-on or you just put it in the affordable pipe section, they’re going to appeal to a variety of your shoppers.


• Three tier HoneyComb  percolators
• Three Prong Ice Pinch
• Unit and Bowl are Made of High Quality Borosilicate Hand-Blown Glass
• Glass Thickness: 4mm
• Stable round base
• Decorative design on the tube