Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty Robusto




Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty Robusto cigars (formerly known as just Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty) from Drew Estate are now available nationwide, and for anyone who knows the story, that is kind of a big deal. See, as the story goes, when Jonathan Drew was just getting off his feet in the tobacco business(and struggling to do so),  hardly anyone was open to the out-of-the-ordinary sticks he had to offer. He had a tough time finding retailers to carry his radically different tobacco products, which at the time were marketed under his first slogan, “Know Your Direction.” The good news is that there were a handful of select retailers that agreed to do business with Jonathan Drew and his partner, 14 retailers nationwide during his first year or so, to be exact. One of those 14 was the Deadwood Tobacco Company in South Dakota. And boy, did they make a great decision in helping Jonathan out! Fast forward a couple of decades and as one of the absolute biggest names in the cigar business, hugely successful Jonathan Drew and his world-famous Drew Estate Cigar Company, in tribute, decided to make a house blend for the Deadwood Cigar Company, originally named “The Three Yummy Bitches.” This cigar brand gained a huge fan base and became limitedly available throughout certain parts of the country, and now is widely available throughout the U.S. as the Deadwood cigar from Drew Estate. Aromatic maduro wrappers and Nicaraguan fillers, along with innovative sizes and radical packaging, make the Deadwood brand not only unique but also totally awesome!