Excalibur Hoyo De Monterrey Black Short 5 Ct. Tin




CI Nation loves Hoyo de Monterrey. I mean, who wouldn’t? They’ve been in the cigar biz longer than anyone can remember, and many is the aficionado with a humidor containing at least a few Hoyo de Monterrey cigars. Now Hoyo has released a new blend in a pair of small sizes called the Excalibur Black, and they’re the perfect thing for all of the times when you can’t burn down a full-sized stick. Wearing a Brazilian wrapper & binder over Brazilian, Dominican, and Indonesian fillers, Excalibur Black Cigarillos pump out full-bodied flavors and ample spice while managing to keep things smooth and tasty. Grab a box of Excalibur Black Cigarillos today, and always have some hearty maduros on-hand