Kristoff Pistoff Robusto




Kristoff, created by Glen Case, First started making cigars in 2004 and has been one of the fastest growing boutique cigar manufacturers ever since. This is due to the combination of exclusively using only the highest quality double and triple fermented premium tobaccos from around the world and a team of master blenders with generations of Cuban cigar making experience. With too many excellent blends to mention, Kristoff has introduced a new cigar that it felt their portfolio was missing. Named by a customer, The Pistoff Kristoff is a deceivingly strong and full bodied cigar.

Wrapped in a natural San Andres wrapper, Pistoff Kristoff features an Indonesian binder and Nicaraguan long fillers. With notable nutty character you will also enjoy hints of spice, toffee, toast and a long sweet finish. As warned by Kristoff, “Don’t let the smoothness of the cigar fool you; this one packs a punch.” Quite simply, Pistoff is a must try for all full-bodied cigar enthusiasts