Shaggy Pig Toro Habano Oscuro 6×50




This tempting treat is dressed to impress and has the flavor and texture to satisfy the most discerning of smokers. The Shaggy’s secret is in the 3-year ageing process, a meticulous procedure that merges binder and filler tobaccos from Estelí, Nicaragua with a Pueblo Nuevo Estelí wrapper creating a carefully constructed cigar for all tastes. The rustic, uncut “shaggy” foot adds to this already uniquely exciting cigar. The Shaggy teases the senses with the possibilities of what is to come, as magnificent capote protrudes ever so gently from beneath the grand Pueblo Nuevo, Estelí wrapper.  As this natural end is set ablaze, earthy hints of pepper, coffee, cream and savory hazelnut emerge, blanketing the mouth for a most delightful repose. Whether for a quiet interlude at home or for a lavish night on the town, the Shaggy is dressed and ready for all occasions.